Complete Clinical Care

At Central Drugs we strive to make the process of referring patients to Central Drugs as seamless as possible for your team.  Our staff at Central Drugs provide same day turn around to provide information regarding prior authorizations to your clinic to help remove the burden from your office.  We use the services of to customize the appropriate prior authorization form, we complete the clinical questions based on the information provided to our staff from your office on the intake form, so that all your team has to do is to sign the prior authorization forms.  Central Drugs tracks these prior authorization’s to ensure that we proactively re-initiate these processes as appropriate.

REVOLUTIONIZING SPECIALTY – A focus on people not pills

  • Proactive prior authorization support to prevent gaps in care
  • Simple and timely medication utilization reports to provide providers with real-time data on demand to optimize adherence, verify clinical status, and closely track patient progress
  • High-touch, disease specific programs with fully customizable reporting capabilities
  • Patient-centric approach to disease management, 24/7 support, patient-friendly packaging offers best-in-class medication adherence support
  • Communication how and when it is wanted – both with providers and patients

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